“I’ve worked with MANY coordinators over the years and you are the best!”

I’ve worked with MANY coordinators over the years and you are the best! Perfect mix of being on top of everything yet invisibly directing in a fluid, flexible manner. Impressive and much appreciated! Congratulations on a wonderful event! — All best, Steve Horn – Steve Horn Photography

“Another lovely, lovely wedding”

We have done another lovely, lovely wedding together! You are the best!! Don Brown Video has now completed all the details of years of work for beautiful clients. This is my last delivery. What a beautiful wedding to finish with. Like Dorothy said to the scarecrow: “It is you I will miss most of all!” Thank you so very much. — Don – Don Brown Video

“The best of the best of the best!”

We all LOVE working with you. The best of the best of the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you! — Sharon Snuffin – Snuffin’s Catering

“#1 Wedding Coordinator On The West Coast”

“Merry Beth was my wedding planner.  I can go on all day about how incredible Merry Beth is and how magnificent my wedding was!  She deserves to be the #1 wedding coordinator of the West Coast, not just Washington! She made my special day unforgettable and a dream come true.” — Bride

“How you roll is comforting and makes it so much more enjoyable”

THANK YOU for the opportunity to work on another project with you, my friend! You know how much I enjoy and appreciate your approach, style and clients. That consistency and familiarity with how you roll is comforting and makes it so much more enjoyable to do what I do 🙂 Hugs and carry on!! — Sheryl Bracken – Paper Moxie

“I wish I could clone you!”

“You know how they say you always have one person who you work with that you wish you could clone and have all the other people you work with be just like them so everything would run smoothly and be fun too? You are that person! I really appreciate all you do for me, for your family and for the world. You are great!!!”. — Michael Peterson – Rented Elegance

“Merry Beth is everything an event coordinator aspires to be, including heroic.”

Merry Beth is everything an event coordinator aspires to be, including heroic. I have worked with Merry Beth on numerous weddings, and she has saved the day many a time, often with no awareness of the Bride and Groom. One dramatic save was when the Bride & Groom refused to believe it would rain on their August date. Merry Beth found a backup location and when the sky opened up only an hour before guest arrival, she had signs in place, volunteers on hand, location secured, and guests arriving to a backup location no one knew existed an hour before. Her personable, yet meticulous personality allow for exuberant events or elegant understated affairs, just as her clients dreamed of. Coordination is one of the wedding/event professionals where experience cannot be understated. Merry Beth is truly the best in Washington. — Janet Klinger, Photographer

“Absolutely Perfect”

talia_thumb“From top to bottom, A to Z, one to infinity, everything was absolutely perfect. You know how to plan a party. What a way to get Talia and Nathan committed and off as a married duo. We have no comparators, but don’t think anyone can compare”. — Parents of Bride

“Golden Memories”

“Still marveling at the multitude of your talents! You have near as much memory as a computer chip and energy to match a whirling dervish. Seriously, thank you for your guidance on our family’s wedding journey – we are overjoyed! Your expertise was instrumental in helping create a thoughtful, meaningful and personal experience for this life event. We take with us a GOLDEN memory. Not to be forgotten – thank you for giving me permission to breathe”. — Mother of the Groom

“Forever A Member Of Our Family”

“Merry Beth made my daughter’s wedding an amazing event that all in attendance will remember, but more importantly, she babysat me for the entire eight months of planning — and that was not easy. She will forever be a member of our family. Merry Beth is the best!!!” — Mother of the Bride

“Worth Every Penny”

“An effective wedding coordinator must be organized, assertive, compassionate, understanding and flexible.  Having worked with Merry Beth Turpin for over a decade, I can attest to the fact she exhibits all these characteristics and more.  She always exceeds her client’s expectations, and she is a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend making her a part of your wedding — she is worth every penny.” — Vendor

“You always surprise and delight”

“I know this is a little random, but I just wanted to say “thank you” and tell you how much I enjoyed working with you on Saturday. You always surprise and delight me with your attention to detail and how fully committed you are to making the event absolutely the best it can possibly be. It’s an honor to be a part of your “A Team”” — Tania Shepard – Azzura Photography

“Never Let Anyone Down”

“I have been involved in weddings and special events for over 30 years. Merry Beth is hands down better than anyone else at coordinating the perfect and memorable celebration for her clients. All the vendors who work for her are expected to be 100% on their game and focused to the client.  Merry Beth has never let anyone down or ever provided merely a good product.  I don’t even think amazing is even good enough to describe her abilities!” — Vendor

“Everything Was Seamless”

“Well, we are at the end and I just want to say again how grateful I am to have met you and to have you be such a critical part of my wedding.  Every vendor that I talked with raved about how organized and wonderful you were and how lucky I was to have you, Merry Beth, as my coordinator.  On top of that many members of my family and wedding guests came to me to let me know how fantastic they thought you were.  Everything was seamless. I was not seeking perfection, but that is exactly what you delivered.  So, with a little sadness, I say ‘thank you’ because we won’t be working together any longer. I am actually going to miss it all.” — Bride


“Cool commander in chief at the helm”

“Thanks again for all your help and support on Saturday.  Couldn’t have done it without such a cool commander in chief at the helm.  Wish they could all be with you”. -Aaron Horton /  Aaron Horton Productions

“There Is No Comparison”

“If it weren’t for Merry Beth, my husband and I would still be trying to find time to plan our wedding instead of looking back on our amazing day! From the location, invitation, decor, food, flowers, drinks, band and gospel choir (yes!), Merry Beth indulged our every idea and had an endless number of suggestions on how to make our day truly memorable.  One of our guests said it best, ‘I know I’m supposed to say that my daughter’s wedding was the best I ever attended, but there is no comparison to your wedding.’  — THANKS MERRY BETH!” — Bride

“The Best Day Of My Life”

“Thank you for making the best day of my life the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. You are so amazing!” — Bride

“You knocked another one out of the park.”

“Just to reiterate: your weddings are extremely special. Our whole team loves working with you, those weddings are beyond parallel and make us better at what we do. You knocked another one out of the park. Hats off to you” — Tyler Urbigkit – Seattle Aquarium

“Everything Was Perfect”

“Absolutely the best!  Everything was perfect for our daughter’s wedding and it was because of Merry Beth’s hard work and energy.  She is an amazing lady!” — Mother of the Bride

“A True Professional With A Smile”

“Merry Beth is a positive light at every event – a true Professional with a smile.  If you don’t have an event, take her out to coffee.  You’ll have a better day!” — Bride

“She Makes Dreams Come True”

“This is the absolute BEST wedding coordinator in the Northwest.  Everyone who works as vendors for this coordinator HAS to be THE best at what they do and there is no room for error!!  Merry Beth Turpin makes dreams come true for her clients!” — Bride

“Has Incredible Contacts”

“Honest and efficient professional, you won’t find anyone better.  Very detail oriented, you won’t have anything to worry about on the big day.  Has incredible contacts from DJs to flowers to lighting.  Truly wonderful to work with.  Books up very fast, don’t miss her!” — Bride

“Brilliant, Organized, Calm and Kind”

“Coming in from Los Angeles to get married in Seattle, I knew I needed an extraordinary wedding planner.  I found her at Aisle of View.  Merry Beth Turpin is brilliant, organized, calm, kind, and an amazing resource.  She also did a wonderful job working with me and my mom, who were in different states during the planning process, but both wanted to be involved.  The most outstanding thing about working with Merry Beth is that whether you have her handle a portion of your wedding or plan every last detail, she does it exquisitely and with a smile.” — Bride

“She Takes All The Stress Away”

“Merry Beth is the best wedding planner out there!  I actually felt sad when the wedding was over because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to work with her anymore.  I love her!  She is organized, in control, well connected, and deals with people with grace and ease.  I am a control freak and I had no reservations about turning my wedding over to Merry Beth so I could enjoy every moment of it.  She takes all the stress away and gives you the wedding of your dreams.” — Bride

“Incredible Creativity”

“Merry Beth has incredible creativity and lots of experience in solving any problem.  Her coveted vendors will bend over backwards for her, and do amazing work themselves.  We can’t thank you enough, Merry Beth, for our beautiful wedding reception … and the milestone birthday party you planned was a BLAST thanks to your expertise!!!” — Bride

“Wedding Day Worries Melt Away”

“Merry Beth is amazing!!!!!  Her experience, incredible vendors, and easy going personality will make any bride’s wedding day worries melt away.” — Bride

“Creates Your Perfect Day”

“Merry Beth will allow you and your guests the luxury of enjoying your wedding day.  Her attention to detail and reputable resources work together to create your perfect day.  She takes the worry out of your special event.” — Bride

“She Is The Best”

“Merry Beth is one amazing woman.  She works on your wedding as though it was her own.  Simply put, she IS the BEST!” — Bride

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    aisle_of_view: "#thewrightday 
The Wright Wedding
Wedding Planner: @aisle_of_view 
Photographer: @jandomekphotos
DJ: @chrisgravesmusic 
  • #thewrightday Wedding Planner: @aisle_of_view Photographer: @jandomekphotos DJ: @chrisgravesmusic #RentedElegance @seattlevideopro #confettidesserts @3-2-1fotobooth

    aisle_of_view: "#thewrightday 
Wedding Planner: @aisle_of_view 
Photographer: @jandomekphotos
DJ: @chrisgravesmusic 
  • The Wright Wedding Wedding Planner: @aisle_of_view Photographer: @jandomekphotos DJ: @chrisgravesmusic #RentedElegance @seattlevideopro #confettidesserts @3-2-1fotobooth

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Wedding Planner: @aisle_of_view 
Photographer: @jandomekphotos
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Wedding Planner: @aisle_of_view
Photographer: @azzuraphotography 
Venue: @mopopseattle
Rentals: @cortpartyrental @pedersenseventrentals #rentedelegance @vintageambiance @nems_creativecoverings"
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Venue: @delillecellars 
Floral: @downtoearthsnoqualmie 
Photography: @azzuraphotography 
Rentals: @cortpartyrental 
Runners and chargers: @bbjlinen
Tables: @seattlefarmtables"
  • Thomas Wedding! Wedding Planner: @aisle_of_view Venue: @mopopseattle Photographer: @azzuraphotography Rentals: @pedersenseventrentals @vintageambiance @nems_creativecoverings #rentedelegance @cortpartyrental Cake: #newrenaissance

    aisle_of_view: "Thomas Wedding! 
Wedding Planner: @aisle_of_view
Venue: @mopopseattle 
Photographer: @azzuraphotography 
Rentals: @pedersenseventrentals 
@vintageambiance @nems_creativecoverings
#rentedelegance @cortpartyrental
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Photographer: @benjhaisch
Venue: @thearcticclub 
Florist: @swoon_floraldesign"
  • Book arch!! Wedding Planner: @aisle_of_view Venue: @woodmarkhotel Photography: @azzuraphotography Book Arch: @lola.creative

    aisle_of_view: "Book arch!! Wedding Planner: @aisle_of_view
Venue: @woodmarkhotel 
Photography: @azzuraphotography 
Book Arch: @lola.creative"
  • Color fun!! Wedding Planner: @aisle_of_view Photography: @redboxpictures

    aisle_of_view: "Color fun!!
Wedding Planner: @aisle_of_view
Photography: @redboxpictures"
  • The Crawford Wedding. Wedding planner: @aisle_of_view Photography: @azurraphotography Venue: @benaroyahall Lighting: @brianwaltzentertainment #rentedelegance #newrenaissancecakes

    aisle_of_view: "The Crawford Wedding.
Wedding planner: @aisle_of_view
Photography: @azurraphotography
Venue: @benaroyahall
Lighting: @brianwaltzentertainment